Lewis’s big GASH!

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by Dan Wakeham

Lewis was out riding in the DC park, Courchevel.

While taking a mellow lap through the Family Park and traversing across to the drag lift , some guy came from above and went straight into him. Lewis said” I didn’t now what had happened I just got hit and ended up on the floor, my knee was hurting I looked at it and all I could see was a rip in my trousers and some white thing pointing out.
I started screaming for help and Tom Hunt turned up. He took my board off saying “Calm down Calm down! I really hope that’s not your bone! Then Tom started running about the slope shouting ambulance as loud as he could. Before log, the others had turned up and the first thing Ollie said to me was “Were is your iON camera?” So we got that out started filming waiting for the pisteur to arrive. He said I would need to go to the hospital. Once there, they started cleaning it out and I was like what is that white bit at the bottom and the doctor just casually said oh “that is just your bone!

All is good and the leg is healing and it wont be long till Lewis gets back on snow. Its like bad drivers. Its not you that makes the mistakes, its those other bloody idiots!


Fresh Meat


Stiched up


Dead Skin and Blood clot


Stiches out and on the mend




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